Shelter Program

Family Promise of Lewis Clark Valley uses a very unique approach to helping families in crisis. Unlike a typical shelter, all the families in our program do not sleep in a central facility. In place of a 24-hour central facility, all overnight services are generously provided by a network of local congregations in the LC valley.

At this time we have 24 partner congregations in our program. Eleven of those congregations hosts our families 4-6 times a year, for a week at a time. The provisions for the families are provided by the volunteers of the host congregation including meals (supper, food supplies for breakfast and lunch), overnight lodging & fellowship. The other 13 congregations provide volunteer help with each of the host churches. During the day, our families go to the Day Center where they are able to go to and from school or jobs and utilize the internet for employment and/or housing searches.

Our Day Center facility allows our families to shower, do their laundry, eat lunch, and play with their children, read, & do homework. It is the home base for our families. Each of our families works with our Social Worker to develop a "Case Plan" that is a set of goals they want to accomplish while in the program. These goals are focused towards achieving permanent housing. This is a part of what makes our working model unique. By providing our families with a “homelike” environment at the Day Center and having our volunteers provide compassionate hospitality at the host congregation, the families we serve are called our “guests”. Our goal is to move our guests into permanent housing and provide ongoing emotional and educational support.

Another aspect that makes our model unique is our financial support base. All of the services we provide are supported by generous donations from individuals, families, congregations, corporations, & foundations. Some support comes by way of government grants that are provided for specific expenses or programs.

Now in our seventh year of operation we have been able to help hundreds of families and we look forward to continuing to serve families in our community. Please come and become a part of a nationwide network that has helped thousands of families in crisis.




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